Early Childhood: preschool

  • The preschool and kinder program, which follows the IB Primary Years Program (PYP), is a child-centered, holistic approach to early years education. Our stimulating program provides children with the necessary tools and confidence to successfully adapt to, and benefit from the challenging learning activities and classwork of the elementary school program.
  • Lifelong learning begins in preschool. Our highly experienced and qualified teachers instil a love for learning in each child through a planned balanced of play, teacher and child initiated inquiries, and stimulating learning experiences within our nurturing learning environment.
  • Preschool and kinder programs are offered across all three Westhill campuses: Athos, Carpatos, and Santa Fe.
  • Athos and Carpatos PYP Coordinator: Veronica Larios
    Santa Fe PYP Coordinator: Savannah Spillers